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The Life Cycle of Polyethelene Terephythalate

This photographic work used the Pacific ocean trash vortex of plastic waste as a starting point to make a comment on global environmental issues. The work investigates the alchemy of material through light projection and it evolved through process. This image is one panel of a triptych.

The miniature photographic images were accompanied by a pseudo-scientific chart on a clipboard.

Is it waste material or deep-sea life?  The irony of life in plastic.

Artist's Statement:

"…a web of associations became containers on night voyages,

maps, networks and islands connected by the debris of shipping routes transform into a vortex of energy projected onto found objects, evolving into an serious investigation and a transformation of perception…

Please refer to the research document: The Life Cycle of Polyethelene Terephthalate (PET) and related species."