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Quo Vadis?

Latin was, until the 17thcentury, the international language of communication in western Europe. Quo Vadis, a biblical phrase, translates as “Where are you going?” The image refers to a fictional mapping of space, imagined territory and voyages of intention.

Artist's statement:

"30 postcards were distributed by the artist to members of the public in Dublin airport on the 19th April 2009. The limited edition postcards were taken to 12 destinations including London, New York, Budapest, Rome and Paris. Subsequent series will be released periodically at other airports. ‘Quo Vadis’ uses air travel networks for the transmission of ideas and the collection of data. Any postcards returned to the artist will inform the next stage of the project. The project aims to engage a public within a global context and is part of an ongoing process."
Returned postcards were presented in a white wall mounted postbox with a key and an artists statement.The return of the cards makes visible the Interstitial space of air and postal routes. The familiar postcard format has been altered by the stamp of the individual. How can a format be translated across cultures?

The back of postcard read: 'Quo Vadis is an ongoing global art project. To participate please take this postcard on a journey and post it to the artist with an image, message or brief description of your travels.'